Autumn Guinea Pig Figurines

Autumn Guinea Pigs

Harvest Slumber Autumn Guinea Pig

This little guinea pig has been on an autumn harvesting spree, gathering veggies for the long winter. But the hard work took its toll, and our furry friend decided to hit the snooze button amidst the veggies. He naps with a content grin on his face, whilst dreaming of all the delicious meals he will soon feast upon for his Autumn harvest!

Surrounded by the warm, earthy tones of fall, this sculpture infuses your space with seasonal charm and tranquility.

  • Sculpted in polymer clay
  • Approximately 10.5 cm diameter, 6cm tall;
  • £48 (UK) £61 (US+Rest of the World) 
  • Please note that each figurine is individually sculpted, so there will be some small differences between them. This means that you are getting one of a kind piece of art!

Autumn Guinea Pig Figurine Guinea Pig in  a Pumpkin Patch

This black & white guinea pig is enjoying an afternoon nap in the sunshine on a pumpkin patch. This figurine is inspired by the autumn season as the colours change and days get shorter, perfect for snuggles!

  • Sculpted in polymer clay
  • Measurements: 9cm x 5cm (DxH)
  • £37 (UK) £55 (US+Rest of the World) 

2022 Autumn Editions

2021 Autumn Editions

Pumpkin Guinea Pig Sculpture

Autumn inspired figurine of a guinea pig sitting inside a pumpkin. Guinea pigs are very good at fitting in many spaces and they are always very hungry, so it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find them carving their way through 😉

8 cm tall (3 inch), 6 cm wide (2.5 inch)