Autumn Guinea Pig Figurines

Autumn Guinea Pigs

Autumn Guinea Pig Figurine Guinea Pig in  a Pumpkin Patch

This black & white guinea pig is enjoying an afternoon nap in the sunshine on a pumpkin patch. This figurine is inspired by the autumn season as the colours change and days get shorter, perfect for snuggles!

  • Sculpted in polymer clay
  • Measurements: 9cm x 5cm (DxH)
  • £37 (UK) £55 (US+Rest of the World) 

Last Year's Autumn Editions

Pumpkin Guinea Pig Sculpture

Autumn inspired figurine of a guinea pig sitting inside a pumpkin. Guinea pigs are very good at fitting in many spaces and they are always very hungry, so it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find them carving their way through 😉

8 cm tall (3 inch), 6 cm wide (2.5 inch)