Custom cat sculptures

Custom Cat Sculptures

Cats are fierce and independent compared to their canine relatives. Sometimes it can take commitment to earn their trust, but once you have it, they can be as affectionate and loyal as dogs!

I study the photo references carefully to create highly detailed, realistic sculptures and memorials of your furry friends.

I mainly specialise in dogs, cats, and guinea pigs, but I also take on more unusual pet sculptures!

I can also do some exotic pets, please contact me before placing an order to discuss the details and price.

  • I use polymer clay to carefully hand sculpt your pet, then paint them with acrylics, and finish off with semi-gloss varnish to protect the paint work.
  • The sculptures are approximately 9 cm tall
  • Prices are: £240/£316 – pet sculpture on a wooden base only;
    £257/£330 Pet sculpture sculpted with their favourite blanket/toy/bed/snack, etc.
  • Prices already include delivery charge UK/US + everywhere else
"I am honestly so impressed with Aleks artistic abilities in creating a sculpture of my little guy, Mr. T. I had been looking for a way to memoralize him after his sudden passing earlier this year. I now have a wonderful piece of artwork that reminds me of his happiest times- on his pink pillow:) Thank you so much Aleks"​
Etsy Customer
Etsy Customer