About the artist

My name is Aleks, I’m originally from a small village in Poland, but moved to UK in 2009 and settled with my husband that I met whilst studying Technical Theatre in London a couple years later.

I trained as a prop maker, but after finishing my studies at RADA I wanted to work more on my sculpting skills, and soon discovered that I really enjoyed it, and wasn’t too bad at it either!

After lots of practice and experimentation, I opened my Etsy shop in 2016 as just an occasional hobby that would bring in some return, so that I had some material funding! Two years later, and quite a few sales around Christmas time, I realised perhaps it’s time to really focus on building up my business and passion – sculpting.

Whilst I’m not sculpting, I really enjoy reading, writing, gardening and video games (I guess some of my sculptures show that 🙂 ).