Unusual Pets

Uncommon Pets

Sometimes I get requests for more unusual pet sculptures.  I do like to get out of my comfort zone from time to time and try something new and I absolutely loved making these sculptures of hedgehogs, cow, and goat! 

These are a little more expensive than the other pet sculptures. The price is determined by what animal it is and how complex it is to sculpt. 

I study the photo references carefully to create highly detailed, realistic sculptures and memorials of your furry friends.

  • I use polymer clay to carefully hand sculpt your pet, then paint them with acrylics, and finish off with semi-gloss varnish to protect the paint work.
  • The sculptures are approximately 9 cm tall
  • The price is determined by what animal it is and how complex it is to sculpt. 
  • Please contact me to discuss the details and price.
"I honestly have no words for how impressed I am with Aleks's work. I asked her to recreate my sister's two hedgehogs (Olive and Banana) after one of them passed away abruptly. Aleks incorporated my requests for the piece and added lots of fun details from my reference pictures. I love the sculpture and more importantly so does my sister. You get what you pay for with Aleks. Thank you for a very professional ordering experience, frequent updates during the process, and the chance to make my sister smile after losing one of her beloved."
Custom Pet sculpture
Etsy Customer
"Excellent work and takes time to get the sculpture to look like your critter."
Etsy Customer
"My little rescued-from-slaughter goat Teddy passed away only 1.5 weeks after rescue. She was full grown at only 15 lbs and was extremely starved, had lice, coccidia, and was sterile. I gave her a dignified death full of love and she changed my life. Thank you Aleks"
Jorden K
Etsy Customer