Hi, I’m Aleks Gorz-Shenton, a polymer clay artist based in the UK.

I have a  soft spot for guinea pigs and I create fun and cute mini guinea pig figurines to express that! They are sculpted in colour polymer clay, no paint involved. I have three very spoiled piggies, and they provide a lot of inspiration! 🙂

I also create highly detailed, realistic sculptures and memorials of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and more unusual pets based on photographs. These are sculpted in polymer clay and painted with acrylics.

Through my sculptures I want to bring happiness. I aim to capture your pet’s character and that special connection you had with them.

Please have a look at my portfolio for examples of my previous work.  If you’d like to buy a sculpture, please get in touch! I sell my art on Etsy, and you can also catch me on social media sharing my newest sculptures!