Hi, I’m Aleks, a polymer clay artist based in the UK.
I create highly detailed, realistic sculptures and memorials of dogs, cats, and guinea pigs based on photographs sent by you!

Through my sculptures I aim to to recreate the bond, that special connection you had with your pet, so that when you look at and touch the replica, it prompts the memories of the moments you had together, and brings you comfort and joy.

Though my specialisation is in pet sculptures, I also offer custom sculptures of people and characters that hold a special place in your heart.

I also make miniature guinea pig polymer clay figurines expressing my love and appreciation for these little creatures! (I have 3 very spoiled piggies! 😉 ) 

Please see the menu above for examples of my work and what is available for purchase. I sell my art pieces on Etsy and you can also catch me on social media sharing my newest sculptures!