Pet sculptures

I create highly detailed, realistic sculptures and memorials of pets based on photographic references sent by you!

I mainly specialise in dogs, cats, and guinea pigs, but I also take on more unusual orders, e.g. hedgehogs, rabbits and some domestic animals. 

I use polymer clay to carefully hand sculpt your pet, then paint them with acrylics, and finish off with semi-gloss varnish to protect the paint work.

The sculptures are approximately 9 cm tall if sculpted in a sitting or standing position. When in resting pose then the measurements are slightly adjusted.

Prices are:

– £180 for a pet sculpture on a wooden base only (dogs, cats, guinea pigs);

– £205 Pet sculpture  sculpted with their favourite blanket/toy/bed/snack, etc.

Free delivery in the UK.

I can also do some exotic pets, please contact me before placing an order to discuss the details and price.

Please click on the pictures below to open a gallery of that individual item.