Enchanted Night Raven Sculpture

Enchanted Night Raven

Enchanted Night Raven Wall Sculpture

A creation bordering between realism and fantasy.
As a child I used to create my own worlds, characters, and their stories; it helped me get through tough times, and now as a big fan of fantasy, adventure, writing, and an interest in mythologies of different cultures, my imagination has plenty of material to work with. The Raven is one such example.

With this piece, I wanted to create a sense of realism, with a hint of magic, mysteriousness, and even some slight sinisterness.

The feature I love the most about this piece is how the mood of the picture changes depending on the angle the light falls on. In one moment, I am transported into an evening just after the storm has calmed, the last rain drops have fallen. and the sky has started to clear, letting just a little moonlight through. In another, I am in an enchanted forest, with a whimsical, yet eerie feel hovering, as a fluttering of large bird’s wings settles on a nearby tree, curiously watching the new arrival in its territory.

  • Originally carved in wet clay, then cast in resin.

  • Measurements: 27cm x 7cm x 30cm (WxDxH)

  • £600/£630 (UK/US+ rest of the world)

  • The sculpture is ready to hang with stainless steel wire attached at the back for supporting the firm weight (around 1.5kg – quite heavy for a picture/sculpture hybrid piece). The piece has been made in such a manner that the steel wire is not visible once hung.