Saint Philomena Sculpture

Saint Philiomena

Saint Philomena Sculpture

Saint Philomena Sculpture Commission.

This was quite a complex custom sculpture to make. There were lots of elements that were sculpted and painted separately that had to fit together at the end.

The customer had a fairly clear vision of what she wanted the sculpture to look like and provided lots of reference photos to work with!

The sculpture is 25 cm tall, made in polymer clay.

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"I requested this sculpture of Saint Philomena because I couldn’t find one online that was want I would’ve liked. The sculptor was so nice making necessary changes and making sure everything was how I’d envisioned. The shipping was fast; shipped on Monday, got it on Wednesday that same week. It had tons of bubble wrap around it and it arrived so safely. It’s so beautiful! I can’t stop looking at it. Wish I could post more pictures. Wonderful costumer service and worth every dollar."
Etsy customer