Rila, Custom Guinea Pig Sculpture

Rila, Guinea Pig Sculpture

Rila, Custom Guinea Pig Sculpture/Memorial

This is Rila, my little guinea pig that suddenly passed away in February 2020. It was really tough losing her not long after her sister.

She was my little darling, always knowing if I needed a cuddle, a laugh or just to hide my face in her fuzzy fur. She always knew how to comfort me. It took me a while before I was able to sit down and make a sculpture of her.  She always used to lie down in a crescent shape, her fur around her face all puffed up, she looked so cute! That’s why I decided to capture her in that pose.

Rila is now sitting on a shelf with her sister, you can spot them as soon as you enter the room, and in the early afternoon the sunshine puts them in the spotlight.
The memories flow…

This sculpture is 4 cm tall, 12 cm long