Adorable Hedgehogs sculpture

Hedgehogs Sculpture

Banana & OliveĀ 

These two hedgehogs were definitely the most challenging sculpture I made in 2020. They were a lot of fun to sculpt and a huge learning curve!

Due to these being more complex, the price for hedgehog sculpture is higher than my usual pet sculptures. Contact me for more info!

"I honestly have no words for how impressed I am with Aleks's work. I asked her to recreate my sister's two hedgehogs (Olive and Banana) after one of them passed away abruptly. Aleks incorporated my requests for the piece and added lots of fun details from my reference pictures. I love the sculpture and more importantly so does my sister. You get what you pay for with Aleks. Thank you for a very professional ordering experience, frequent updates during the process, and the chance to make my sister smile after losing one of her beloved."
Etsy Customer