Custom Dog Sculpture

Custom Dog Sculpture

This was such a fun sculpture to work on, so many details to capture; the muscles, veins, and the facial expression!

His main characteristic is his rather long tongue that always hangs out on the right side, and a stripe of fur going in the opposite direction on his back.

I love receiving lots of photos as references, it gives me the chance to really capture the pet in every detail! There’s no such thing as “going overboard with photos” when it comes to references!

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"This is the most amazing sculpture of our dog. I couldn't figure out what to get my husband for our anniversary but this was the perfect thing. Aleks is incredibly talented and sent pictures/communicated every step of the way. The final result in spitting image of our beloved dog and I would buy another in a heart beat. And it was surprisingly fast. Done and on my doorstep from the UK less than 2 weeks after I had placed the order. I cannot recommend highly enough."
Etsy Customer