Abyssinian Guinea Pig Sculpture

The Guinea Pig Appreciation Collection

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

As a “mommy” of six guinea pigs (three sadly have crossed the rainbow bridge) it only seemed fitting for me to create sculptures in celebration of these adorable creatures!

Not many people realise how much personality is locked away in these little piggies, and how creative, funny, and appreciative they can be if only you give them the time and attention they deserve. Through my art I am attempting to show just that! 🙂

There are three models available and they all come in two or three colour variations to choose from!

  • Measurements: 6 cm tall,  10 cm long.
  • Price: Blond & White: from £45
    Grey & White: from £45
    Bronze effect: from £45
  • Available to purchase on my Etsy Shop