Mini Guinea Pig Figurines

Pumpkin Guinea Pig & Autumn Guinea Pig Sculptures

Autumn inspired figurine of a guinea pig sitting inside a pumpkin. Guinea pigs are very good at fitting in many spaces and they are always very hungry, so it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find them carving their way through 😉

Pumpkin: 8 cm tall (3 inch), 6 cm wide (2.5 inch) 

Autumn: 9cm x 4cm (height)

Prices: £30

Sculpted in Polymer Clay

Autumn Inspired Guinea Pigs

Sleeping Teddy Guinea Pig Figurines

Inspired by one of the most rewarding feelings when you walk into the room and your guinea pigs don’t even twitch at the sound of your footsteps, snoozing away comfortably in your presence

2 cm tall, 4 cm wide, 8cm long

Sleeping Teddy Guinea Pigs

Comfy Guinea Pig Sculpture

A little figurine showing just how comfortable guinea pigs like to be 🙂 They love soft, comfy spots for their afternoon naps!

Sculpted fully in polymer clay.

Only one made.

8cm x 5.5cm, 5cm tall

Prices start at£26

Comfy Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs in Blanket Sculpture

This polymer clay figurine is inspired by my two past guinea pigs that used to sleep just like that! I always joked that one is keeping an eye out whilst the other one is snoozing away!

Sculpted fully in polymer clay.

Only one made.

Measurements: 8 cm x 9cm x 3.5cm

£36.50 +

(Guinea) Pig in Blanket

Long Hair Guinea Pig Figurine

This cute guinea pig figurine is sculpted in polymer clay. When I was making it I wanted it to be smooth, long-haired piggy, but somewhere along the process a little texel got mixed into it 😉

This figurine is inspired by a guinea pig I saw in one of the London rescues, unfortunately we couldn’t adopt her, but she has been stuck in my mind for a while.

7 cm x 3.5cm x 5cm


Long Hair Guinea Pig